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micky [userpic]

this journal is SEMI friends only now cos a lot of the stuff i post is about david anders and a lot of this stuff is privet so anyone is free to add me and i will add you back  

micky :)

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micky [userpic]

hopefully it will get out soon :)

more pics from into the blue 2, heroes and the revernant :)Collapse )
the reveernant, also there is new pics from the movie i will upload later when i have some time :)

ps: Eli is out on itunes, thanks for reirei for letting us know and my co-worker sunny for downlaoding it for me as i don't have itunes account :)


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micky [userpic]

happy late Thanksgiving every body :)

a new reveant pics surfed on the web so i thought to share them with you guys :)

more here!! :)Collapse )
hope you enjoy them :) xox


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micky [userpic]

yay, new David Anders pics appeared!! im soooo excited :) its of him on the set of his new movie children of the corn!! thou im very sad that he gained wight again and cut off his hair, i mean he looked perfect back on LFCC, but i guess this pics is more recent than the one from the LFCC, anyway i love him anyway no matter what1 :) :)

4 more here!! :)Collapse )

personally, i can't wait to see this movie!!

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micky [userpic]

first, here is a video of david and masi oka, i really can't remember if i posted that before or not, but i think its ok if i did, its on david myspace video channel and its kinda old about a year ago old!!

</div>now, here is loads of pics of david, some of them are old from the reef set and the rest are randoms :) hope you like it!!

Adam monroe looking his real age!!!

the reef pics hereCollapse )

and this a new video of david on his new movie The Revenant

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micky [userpic]

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micky [userpic]

yay, david was soooooo handsome as usual of course at london film and comic con, but yay again he hair is very long know just like mr sark!!!aww,  i miss mr sark, anyhoo, here is  pics of him at the con, i don't know anything or what happened, so if you  have any info, plz share it with me :)

hope you all like it :)


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micky [userpic]

i just found a new clip of David Anders in his new movie the revenant, the movie sounds pretty cool, hope that they will will release pretty soon, cos we need more Anders on the screen again :)

i will make a new post pretty soon, of new pics of David from the set of the reef, i am just really busy this days at work and barely have anytime of myself :) Micky

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micky [userpic]

here is a candid video of David Anders and his lovely gf Meagan!!

here is the url of the video


ps: this video is the one from my previous entry, this is a public entry!!


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micky [userpic]

i would like to thank all the wonderful people and friends who sent me comments or messages to wish me a happy birthday :)

you guys are the best and your comments made it even more special to me :)

i wish you all a wonderful day :)

  in a completely different news, David Anders was announced as of of the guests who will attend the oz convention in australia 1 and 2 November, so i guess he is not coming to eclipse 2 :(

http://www. armageddonexpo. com/


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